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Christian Service News Issue 355, CS Comments: 'A Poulation Policy That is Desirable ?', CS Views: 'A People-centred Population Policy', Interactive Platform: 'Do you Think Hong Kong is A Place Suitable for Childbearing', Our Neighbours: 'Love your Neighbour'.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 20 has been published.
Christian Service News Issue 354, CS Comments: 'What is Community-based Drug Testing All About?', CS Views: 'Can "Drug Testing" "Rescue" Drug Abusers?', Interactive Platform: 'Views of the Target Groups Towards “RESCUE Drug Testing Scheme”', Our Neighbours: 'Meaning of Volunteering'.
Happy Chinese Learning Project is recruiting students.
Multicultural Education@Schools
Newsletter Issue 13- To bulid up the multi-cultural harmony, know more ethnic minorities in our neighborhood. (Chinese version only).
CHEER Newsletter for Issue 16 with 8 languages.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 17 has been published.
CHEER ‘Interpretation and Translation Services’ Briefing Session
CHEER Newsletter for Issue 15 with 8 languages.

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Donors: Aedas Limited; Fay's Beauty & Fitness Centre; Vega Technology Limited;
Christian Environmental Health Ltd.; Sharp Performing & Production Co.;
TAM Wing Sze Stephanie; Eugene LEUNG; LAM Chak Hei; TAM Wing Yan Natalie;
Jadon LAM ......(More)

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