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Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 005,Views: 'Rethink about incineration and landfilling', Advocacy: 'Active participation in communities Elders voice themselves through photos/Home Coming - The study on influence of family of origin on child development', Service: 'A message of love to the deprived', Support: '4.25 Flag Day'.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 23 has been published.
CHEER Newsletter for Issue 6 with 8 languages.
Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 004, Views: 'Reaching the hearts of the new generation', Service 1: 'A love journey to pets – how to get over when they are gone', Service 2: 'Social enterprises proposals by EMs Helping the community with their innovation', Support: 'Make a Wish Come True 2014'.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 22 has been published.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following organizations, bodies and individuals for their generous donation and support to our services.


Asian Youth Orchestra; Dragon Team Trading Limited; Humana Medical Limited;

Bauhaus Holdings Ltd.; Fay's Beauty & Fitness Centre; The Dairy Farm Company Limited;

Carmelton Enterprise Limited; Jade WONG Wing Ying; Mr. LAM Ping Chung ......(More)

For other donors of names listed in chinese only, please click here.

60th Anniversary

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