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Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 006,Views: 'Creating a public space more suitable for youth development', Advocacy: 'Youths had low confidence in the government HKCS appealed to setting up communication platforms to restore mutual trust/ Belated Learning Framework consultation Framework effectivesness questioned by ethnic minority groups', Service: 'Outstanding Award', Support: 'Territory-wide flag day 2015.4.25'.
Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 005,Views: 'Rethink about incineration and landfilling', Advocacy: 'Active participation in communities Elders voice themselves through photos/Home Coming - The study on influence of family of origin on child development', Service: 'A message of love to the deprived', Support: '4.25 Flag Day'.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 23 has been published.
CHEER Newsletter for Issue 6 with 8 languages.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following organizations, bodies and individuals for their generous donation and support to our services.


Asian Youth Orchestra; Dragon Team Trading Limited; Humana Medical Limited;

Bauhaus Holdings Ltd.; Fay's Beauty & Fitness Centre; The Dairy Farm Company Limited;

Carmelton Enterprise Limited; Jade WONG Wing Ying; Mr. LAM Ping Chung ......(More)

For other donors of names listed in chinese only, please click here.


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