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Press Release “Exploration for Hope”: Hong Kong’s best known ethnic minority youth social enterprise competition showcases winning projects
Newsletter - "The Voice" Issue 008,Views: An Inclined "Free kindergarten Education", Advocacy: 'From the elderly abuse case in Tai Po Cambridge Nursing Home Limited to Residential Care Service Vouchers Pilot Scheme', Service: 'Our Children’s Art Exhibition enters the Mainland to share experiences in art education', Support: 'Please support our Specialist Medical Subsidy Programme for the elderly'.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 25 has been published.
ISSA Muskaan Issue 24 has been published.

We would like to express our gratitude to the following organizations, bodies and individuals for their generous donation and support to our services.


Dragon Team Trading Limited; Fay's Beauty & Fitness Centre; Verona Limited
(Mr AU Kam Sang); Aiden BOK; Jimmy LI; Mrs CHAN HOUANG Ting Sou;
Alanna WANG Yuan An; Joseph LIM; Ms CHAN Pui Yi;
Alex ZHENG Hoi Yuen; KAM Jun You, Tristan......(More)

For other donors of names listed in chinese only, please click here.


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