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Policy Advocacy and Research

As social service organisations do have the responsibility to advocate for just and proper people-centred social policies, and to strive for an open, equal, and transparent balanced participation mechanism for all the citizens, irrespective of whether they are poor or rich, or if they are tax-payers or not. Our Agency did the following policy advocacy and research works in the past year:

Past Work

Besides direct social welfare service, advocating for proper public policy is also one of the important missions of our Agency.  This is implemented mainly through the Professional Assistant on policy advocacy, the Committee on Policy Research, and through various services and service units.  Members of the Committee on Policy Research are from both frontline and managerial level of various services, so that analyses on public policy can be made by examining the issues from different perspectives.

In the past year, our Agency has conducted studies on various policy areas, and to submit opinions to relevant government policy bureaus and departments.  Examples including: Review of Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance, Competition Law, and Racial Discrimination.

Moreover, as a diversified multi-service social service organization, the operation and development of various service units are also closely related and affected by public policies.  Thus our service units will also do advocacy work in their respective service areas.

We have also participated in joint efforts with other concern groups to advocate for policy areas that are common concerns of Hong Kong people.  For example, we have joined the Gambling Watch to try to curb the gambling atmosphere before it lost control.  Also, we are a member of the Citizen Envisioning@Harbour, aiming to protect the Victoria Harbour and to suggest ways for a sustainable development of the waterfront.

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